Beer Pairing: Cascadian

I ran across an interesting cheese recently, Sartori’s Bellavitano Espresso.   The base cheese is an Italian styled farmhouse cheese.  But for this particular cheese they take it one step further by hand rubbing fresh roasted espresso onto the rind of the cheese.  The sweetness of the cheese is balanced by the roastiness of the espresso. 

When I saw this cheese I immediately thought of the cascadian I have on tap.  Of course when you look at the pairing suggestions (they have a well thought out website) you will find that the beers they suggest for this cheese include both porters and stouts (and of course no mention of black IPAs).  Well they are from Wisconsin so I guess we can forgive them that oversight. 

For the pairing I used both plain water crackers and black pepper and poppy water crackers.  The differences in the crackers did about what you might expect.  The plain allowed the flavors of the beer and the cheese to shine through.  The black pepper added another layer of complexity to the tasting.  In the end it was all good pairings. 

I do believe it is now time for a pint…


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