I am a big fan of a few of the shows that are popping up online that involve beer and brewing.  Of course one of my favorites will always be Beer Punks, broadcast from the Radio Clutch network.  How can you not be a fan of punk rock and beer.  

Recently, I was digging through some shows on Youtube for Brewing TV.  This is the station for Northern Brewer home brew supply store.   It was one of their episodes that I turned to when I was looking for more info on brewing sours.  (Now we attempt to come back to the point) So, recently, I was digging through some of their older episodes and I found one with John Palmer, who wrote How to Brew.  

It was pretty cool to see the author talk about his book (gives you a bit more insight), but what I really got out of it was the website for the book.  How to Brew the website gives an in depth overview of the book but also gives some charts that seem to have eluded me in the past.  
This makes me wonder if its just the inability of men that causes us to avoid the directions entirely, that makes us want to skip out on what could be helpful information.  Crazy as it is, because many times you can figure it out for yourself, but sometimes it is that little bit of extra information that will give you a bit more perspective. Go figure, sometimes you miss stuff just because you are sure you are on the right path already…
Time for a pint… 

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