Kegged: Cascadian Dark

There it is.  It came out great.  Chocolate, rich dark fruits, you might almost expect it to be a stout or a porter just by the look of it.  But once you taste it you instantly know that something else is going on.  There is an underlying bitterness that does not come from the dark malts.  It is smooth and easy to drink (which can be trouble at 7.5%).  In the end I am pretty happy with how it turned out. 

I also bottled a case of the Dopplebock today.  My plan is to age this hopefully for at least a year.  It may not last that long mainly because it is tasty, but one can dream. 

Moving into a few other thoughts…

My wife was curious about what a shandy is, so I mixed a little lemonade with the session bitters.  Granted I am not a fan of such things but … wow.  The resulting combo was amazingly like lemon meringue pie.  I was amazed at how well they went together.  The underlying bitter backbone of the bitters meshed almost perfectly with the sour/sweet combo of the lemonade, the malt filled in the part of the bready crust.  The flavor combo worked out incredibly well. 

I do believe that it is now time for a pint…

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