Who I am:

Jon Jefferson

What I do:

I have an associates degree in culinary arts and a bachelors degree in business. I have spent a good bit of my time studying preservation techniques (including fermentation). This also includes how preservation has affected culture.

Brewing Experience:

I have been an active home brewer for a few years now (over 4). In that time I have become a competition brewer (winning medals up to gold (still working on a best of show)). Much of my equipment I have either built myself or fabricated ways for premade stuff to integrate into my set up.

Beer philosophy:

In my view there is no such thing as bad beer (unless you refer to mistreated and/or infected beer). There are beers that I do not care for, just as there are beers you do not care for. But I will always defend your right to drink what you enjoy (unless you are sitting next to me, then you better expect that I am going to poke and jab at you for your funky choice).

On the other hand there are really bad business practices by breweries that I will call attention to. Essentially my real outlook is “hate the company, not the beer.”


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