Merry Christmas

Let’s just call this out like it should be. We are about to hit the weeks of Christmas and New Years. My mind is on the holidays ahead and I feel it safe to say the same is true for you.

I could spend our time in this post going over some new thought or maybe digging up some historical tidbit, but let’s face facts. Neither you nor I would remember anything said. So tonight I am going to approach the holidays from a different angle.

Tonight I want to take the time to thank everyone who reads my aimless meandering prose here. Whether you have been coming around since the beginning or are just now discovering this place I call home, I appreciate that you have given my words a few moments of your day.

I do have a few changes coming in the new year but those are a little ways off still. The biggest is going to be when I make a move from to a self hosted blog. Yep, I will finally be taking the big plunge.

For those of you who don’t know about it, I also have my story blog called Misadventures in Strange Places. That blog will be moving too. The new home is going to pull together the elements of both to create a new cohesive whole.

From what I have done with the new site so far, I really like the new layout and I think you will to. I am moving into a magazine format, where the three things that make life enjoyable will be able to come together; food, beer, and stories.

For the holidays this 10th Day Brewing will be on a hiatus. Misadventures has a couple more commitments to fulfill before Christmas but we will see our last days of the year there soon as well. I do believe the first post of the year here will be the first session of 2014. So I hope to see you again on Friday January 3rd.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and happy New Year. And again, thank you for you for spending your time here with me over the past year.

Time for a pint…

Before I forget, you can still pick up Dropship Troopers over at Smashwords for $.99 with coupon code LE37V. It will be onsale till Christmas Eve. Ebooks make great stocking stuffers.


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