House of Cheese

I make it a habit to check the new release books in my local library on a regular basis. Sometimes you can find something you did not expect to find. As luck would have it, recently I found the Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese book.20130628-231925.jpg

Di Bruno Bros. is an artisan cheese shop in Philadelphia. Tenaya Darlington, the author of the book, runs the blog Madame Fromage. She has been writing about cheese since 2009. The book is a collaboration with Di Bruno Bros. to share their story and their thoughts on cheese with the rest of the world.

This book is a veritable cornucopia of cheese porn. But then we do need a bit more than just pretty pictures to make books like this worthwhile. Helpful tips and assorted recipes give this book some substance outside of simple cheese descriptions.

Just on a flip through I ran across a recipe for a dessert grilled cheese. This was a surprising and intriguing combo of bread, fruit, and cheese. Or how about Sharfe Maxx S’mores. These are flavor combinations that make sense but are not often considered.

Of course I am always looking for more than just recipes. If all we wanted was a recipe we would pick that up online. The stories and tips provided within these pages add another depth to this book. From tips for talking to your cheese monger to tips to creating cheese boards, this book is comprehensive. Add to this there are pairing notes for not only wine but beer as well. This is a modern book for modern tastebuds.

For me, a big thought that this book has now given me, huge and growing beer scene in Philadelphia, there seems to be a decent cheese and food scene as well. When you find places like this how can you not visit and see what else is going on.

Time for a pint…


8 thoughts on “House of Cheese

    • I am enamored with this book right now. I feel like I should read it from front to back, but I keep flipping it open and exploring different aspects as they present themselves. It is like an exploration of tasty cheeses.

  1. I sit somewhere between Cheryl and Susan. I love cheese and will chat with the cheese monger (love that title) about what I’m looking for and usually take their suggestions, but not sure I’d actually read a book on cheese.

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