Hop Head Farms

We always think that we have so much to do, and we wonder how we will ever get it done.  When you see the amount of work that needs to be done on the hop farm you realize that you really don’t have quite as much to do as you once thought.  We spent a few hours at Hop Head Farms yesterday, helping to plant some hops. 

HHF is in Hickory Corners Michigan not too far from Gilmore Car Museum (had to add the link cause the car museum is actually pretty cool).  The farms current planting covers 15 acres and the varietels of Magnum, Nugget, Chinook, Centenniel, and Cascade.  The planting we were doing yesterday was a bit of the Centenniel plantings.

 The farms ownership team.  Mind you this was after spending a few hours in the sun so we were all a bit sun beaten and dusty. 

 This is a good portion of the Centenniel that need to be planted.  We planted roughly 6 or so flats. 

The ropes that will be used in the trellis for the hop bines to grow on.

This view of the hopfield doesn’t really give you the full impact of just how many plants will be growing . 

                 This is the platform that will be used during the harvest.
Main support trellis lines. 

 Setting in planting holes

And now it is time for a pint…


2 thoughts on “Hop Head Farms

  1. Hops tend to be like grapes. Once planted you don't necessarily have to plant again. Which is good when you consider that it takes a couple years to come into full production.

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