Hop Head Farms: update

Farming is rife with constant work.  Even a hopfarm where you might think that once the hops are in and growing life would get easier.  I made a trip back to Hop Head Farms recently to see how the growing pains are going.  Out in the field it is nothing but a sea of green, a vibrant contrast from what it was a couple months ago when we helped do a bit of planting. 

As you can see back in May the fields were pretty much empty.

But now with the grow ropes up and the fields planted the whole place doesn’t feel as empty and barren.  There be life in them there fields…

Days are now filled with weed control and ensuring that the bines are growing up the grow ropes. 
This being their first year having the larger field (from less than an acre to now 15 acres) time is spent nurturing and prepping for future harvests.  The plants they have right now will spend this year forming root structures and building a good base so that in the future they will have a huge harvest. 
Though there is still much to do out in the fields, nature is going to do its job now and hopefully the plants will grow big and strong.  The Steinmans are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of their hop harvester.  It is currently enroute from Germany and almost like a major organ transplant, there is a team on stand by for set up when it finally arrives (within the next couple weeks).  

I don’t know about you, but I think I need a pint…

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