Bell’s Production Brewery Expansion

At the start of Craft beer week Bell’s Brewery officially opened their new expansion, culminating with a walk through open house during the weekend.  The new 200 barrel brew system will enable them to reach a capacity of 500,000 barrels per year. 

This is pretty impressive, but it was when I read their brochure and saw how much grain their new silo system can go through that I was floored.  Their new system can crush approximately 2000 lbs of grain in 4 minutes.  On their old 50 barrel system, this took roughly an hour.  On my home system it takes about 20 minutes to crush 12 lbs with my hand crank crusher. 

 This part isn’t set yet but will feature three open oak fermenting vats

Still part of the old system, the bottling line. 
The really cool part of the new brew house, it is designed as a show piece.  I would imagine that future tours of the brewery will go from the downtown Kalamazoo brewhouse and Eccentric Cafe to the Comstock production brewery or maybe vice versa. 
Time for a pint…


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