Alewives: Apply here

The world has changed quite a bit in the past few hundred years. Sounds the obvious doesn’t it? I mean sure the world has changed. We see these changes everywhere we look. So ya, I know I bored you already by stating something that didn’t need to be said.

So now we have to ask, what was the point of all that? Well, you never did let me finish the thought. You see, the world has changed quite a bit. But change is a cyclical thing. Sometimes the changes come back full circle to something that used to be the norm.

I ran across this article earlier today. Came out of the New York Daily News. Quick summary: Women are coming back to beer. They have clubs, gatherings, and have even become professional brewers.

I know this sounds like huge news, and it is. It is great to see women embracing the craft beer movement. The thing is, there are so many different flavor profiles contained in the vast world of beer, they would be cutting off a whole world of experience if they stuck to the ways of the past 150 years.

That’s right, in the grand scheme of things it is only recently that women were pushed from the world of beer. Remember beer is believed to be over 10,000 years old.

Until roughly around the time of the industrial revolution, women were the brewers. Home brewing was the norm. And women were the ones who brewed for the house hold. In the times when water was unsafe to drink it was the alewives who protected the population with their healthy beverages.

But times are changing, as they often do. Women are returning to beer again. The craft revolution has created upheaval and turmoil for the benefit of us all.

Anyway, take a few minutes and read the article. It is one of those rare positive articles that you can sometimes find in the news.

Time for a pint…

6 thoughts on “Alewives: Apply here

    • You are too late on some of that. When big business has tried to get in on the trends in the past the beers they have marketed to women have been horrible and very dumbed down. At times they have even been patronizing. Imagine a six pack designed to look like a black and pink purse…

      But when women embrace the craft side they find that the beers filled with flavor are enjoyable.

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