Slow to the Party

I have been digging through some Prohibition history recently as I help my wife with a paper she is writing for school. I ran across a few tidbits I hadn’t known before now in the process. I know this sounds like it could be leading up to a big post or something along those lines. But really, the most I will leave you with today is a few trivia bits and a reminder that repeal day (December 5th) is only a few weeks away.


flickr Creative Commons Via Alan Mays

Something to think about during that time. Mississippi was the last state to repeal in 1966. It was also one of the last states to legalize homebrewing. Homebrewing became legal in Mississippi just this year, only 35 years after President Jimmy Carter legalized it nationally. They seem to have a thing with showing up to a party 30 years late or so. Just thought you should know that. Enjoy the weekend. Time for a pint…

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