Gonzo’s: Are you ready for this

Gonzo’s Bigg Dogg Brewery is counting down the minutes till they open. (Maybe that’s an exaggeration). But really, they will officially open within the next week or so.
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As it is right now, they have been doing what new places do to work through the bugs. It is called a soft opening. Customers can get a chance to check out what is going on and maybe even sample some of the food and drink and the staff get a chance to learn the system without the stress of a busy night getting in the way.
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A soft opening gives the kitchen a chance to learn their process for working through the menu. It also gives the serving staff a chance to work through the ordering process. The customers going in for a soft opening are essentially guinea pigs, but for the greater good. The feed back customers can give at this point will help fine tune how everything works when they officially open. Of course getting paid with free food is a good incentive to show up.

On Monday night they offered an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert. All were pulled at random. Of course dietary issues were taken into consideration. If there was an issue with something on the item it was simple enough to pull a different card.


I ended up splitting entrées with my wife, half the white cheddar burger and half the roast turkey sandwich. I just want to put it out there right now, that turkey sandwich made my night. We also shared the kale slaw and the pasta salad. The kale slaw was alright but the pasta salad was fantastic. Your mileage may vary but those were my standouts for dinner.

Anyone who comes here often will be able to tell you that I don’t do beer reviews here. There are quite a few sites that do them already. But I will call attention to the beers I find at a place that stand out over the others.

Gonzo’s has followed the trend of individual pricing for their beer flights. This works out great if you only want to sample a couple beers, or maybe sample them all (like I did). Maybe it was the cold on Monday. I mean it was snowing outside and a little slushy. The Geyser Brown Ale was the perfect match for the evening and went great with my food.

At the time of the soft opening they didn’t have an exact date for the official opening. I can imagine that when the day comes (soon) Kalamazoo better be ready for the Bigg Dogg.

Time for a pint…

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