Half Truths and What’s Local

Ran across this earlier tonight. Apparently it was aired during the World Series.

The commercial is pretty right? Makes you feel good and all that? Budweiser has proven for years now that they are capable of pulling at our heartstrings to sell their beer.

This is another in a series of half truth ploys to make themselves sound like just a mom and pop operation. Seriously, have we forgotten that Budweiser isn’t even Budweiser anymore. The full title is Budweiser Inbev or however they want to arrange their titles. When Inbev bought out the Budweiser brand they became the largest brewing conglomerate in the world. In the world… Seems a far cry from being a simple local brewery I would think.

In a world where information is available at the press of a few keys, you would think a company would be better off by showing its transparency. Subterfuge and mind games are ploys of an older marketing system. These kind of petty antics have no place in business today.

The sad part is we tend to be suckers for something pretty. Budweiser made their name on sharing the something pretty. They have been doing it for over 100 years. Doesn’t matter if it’s a full truth, doesn’t matter if it’s right. If you can sell the shiny you have it made.

Wow, as these thoughts come flooding out, I am reminded of the snake oil salesman of long ago. They used pretty words and double talk to sell their wares. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. When you can feed the world just enough truth that it makes the sale it doesn’t really matter what the rest of that truth is.

In the beer world today, local is the local brewery where you know the brewer. I’m not saying that a local brewery has to be a small mom and pop operation. But a local brewery should have roots in their local community. They have a vested interest in their local community surviving and thriving. Their local community is more than just a place where they do business.

The 12 breweries that they talk about in this Budweiser commercial, they could pull any one of them and it would mean nothing to their bottom line. The largest brewing conglomerate in the world has breweries in more countries that they can make their beer in.

Sure if they pulled the plug on any one of those breweries it might mean something to the people who work there, it would matter to the community the brewery was in, but in the end that is just the cost of doing business. To the board that is just a business decision they have to make on a daily basis.

To a real local brewery, your business matters. That pint you bought, well it helped buy shoes for their kids. That burger you ate, it helped make their house payment. Your visit helped the people who work there pay their bills.

Time for a pint…


8 thoughts on “Half Truths and What’s Local

  1. Most of the things that draw us in is the way a product is marketed. I love the Budweiser commercials not because of the Clydesdale horses but because of the story. You are drawn in by emotion. Hey, whatever works.

    • Playing emotions is one of the strong points of the Budweiser marketing team. Although when you look at their market share, they have been losing ground for some time now. The brand is well recognized but it isn’t selling as well as it once did.

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