Rupert’s Brew House Opening Day

As I sit here trying to come up with something clever to say to open this post, I realize that to do so is a bit superfluous. In the end, isn’t it really about the beer anyway?

IMG_0823 - Copy

Mark Rupert

That was what today was about. Rupert’s Brew House opened today. One of the handful of new breweries moving into town has now opened their doors to the public.

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When you step into Rupert’s you won’t find fancy tables with shiny coverings or elaborate scroll work along the walls. Even better, you won’t find vintage era clap trap covering the walls in some bogus attempt to draw you in with melancholy memories.
IMG_0838 - Copy

Instead you find a place that feels a bit more like home. There is no pretense. When you go to Rupert’s you are going for a beer maybe even two, and to listen to a band play.

IMG_0829 - Copy

How often do you find a couple easy chairs and a fire place in a brewery tasting room?

They opened at 2pm on Friday the 25th of October. I know, that seems an odd time to open, most people are still at work. When I arrived, the place wasn’t crowded but there was a modest crowd around the bar. As the work day finished the crowd grew. The growing crowd Kept Mark Rupert and his crew busy behind the bar pouring flights and full pints.
IMG_0816 - Copy

Time for a pint…


6 thoughts on “Rupert’s Brew House Opening Day

  1. It got quite lively as the first band came on, Short Bus I believe. They already ran out of the Double IPA at one point. More beers will be there in the coming days. Definitely will go back.

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