Comparing Apples to Wine Coolers

Sometimes you have to wonder…

I suppose you are wondering why I showed you all those videos. This is several decade’s views of the various “wine coolers” since the 80s. I can hear you now. These are all like comparing apples to oranges and all that nonsense. But is it really? I would hazard a guess to say these are more along the lines of beverages for people who aren’t quite ready for the real thing.

And now for our final video. Craft cider is on the rise. There are a few craft brewers that are working them into their line up (Sam Adams with Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard). There are also a number of cider producers specializing in the beverage.

But it was when I saw this that I was just flabbergasted. Imagine, the new wine cooler isn’t a wine and it isn’t a beer. It is an “apple ale?” What exactly does that mean?

As for me, I will stick with real cider, made from apples.

Time for a pint…


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