Back up Plan

Things don’t always work the way we expect them to. Sometimes despite our best efforts things go wrong. We have had a stand up freezer for about 12 years or more now, and it was old when we bought it. Ya, we picked it up from a garage sale for around 30 bucks, great deal really.

Well, as could be expected for something this old, it died on me recently. This is our main storage freezer. Interesting to note, it wasn’t a frost free freezer. This means every now and then you need to empty it out and defrost the build up of ice. This worked to our favor. Though it was hard to say just how long it had been off for, the build up of ice was still present keeping everything cold.

This is also where it pays to be a homebrewer with kegerators. I ended up spending some time last night making an emergency transfer of the stuff from the stand up freezer into the freezers on the two kegerators. And once those were filled I ended up having to make some space in our upstairs freezer.

In the end we didn’t loose too much. I think mostly a couple things that should have gone a while ago (gotta love a chance to clean the bad stuff from your freezer). And now in the next few days or so we will be having a turkey for dinner. There just wasn’t enough room in the other freezers for two turkeys.

Isn’t it funny how I found a way to make this into some profound sounding story. Really it is mostly dumb luck that we have the extra space to make a save like this. But it does bring home an important point. Many times it is a good idea to have a back up plan. You never really know when your freezer is going to die on you.

Time for a pint…

8 thoughts on “Back up Plan

  1. I am just amazed that you got it used and had it work for a long time! After surviving Hurricane Sandy (with no electricity for miles for two days and losing it frequently for two weeks, friends out for over two weeks), I am careful about not stocking *too* much in the freezer. Enjoy the turkey.

    • In the past we liked buying them at garage sales and such. But we also have a used appliance store near us that will haul away junk stuff (so they can fix it and sell it of course) but it does save the disposal fees.

      I figure we will pick up a new one in a few months or so. It helps to have quite a bit of storage, even without it.

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