It must be Fall


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The start of the school year means one thing to most parents, high school football season. If you have school age children they are probably hanging out at the game because that is where everyone else is. If you are a parent of a player you are most likely at the game cause well, that’s what you do. Then there are those people who thrive on school pride (oh come on, you didn’t even go to this school when you were younger…)

My youngest daughter is in band at school. You know what this means right? We aren’t there for the game. We are there for the pregame and halftime show. As busy as the house is this year, this was probably the only game my wife and I would be able to make it to anyway.

This is all well and good but all it really does is move us to the thoughts I have for the night. So ya, when I think football I think fall and cooler weather. The trouble is, it was still pretty warm out. Here we are in the middle of September and I am ready for hoody weather at a football game and I am overheating on the walk to the football field.

We talked a bit about the appropriate beverage for a football game. Normally, you might want something in a flask to keep you warm. But what do you take on a warmer day. A good fall beer does no good in a flask. But then taking a cooler to a high school football game seems a bit like overkill.

Now a thermos filled with either hot or cold cider could work out well here. If you go hot cider in the cooler weather you might consider spicing it a touch. For the warmer weather a nice cool cider would work great. I guess it might just be a matter of taste. I mean beer and football is a great combo but how willing are you to experiment?

What are your thoughts? What do you feel is best for a spectator refreshment?

Time for a pint…

8 thoughts on “It must be Fall

  1. This brings back memories of a cider press that operated in the fall just down the road from where we lived. It was the best cider ever, hot or cold. Now I have to go a good distance from our home. The good part about that is, it’s in the Sierra Mountains and it’s a gorgeous location, well worth the day trip. šŸ™‚

    • Sadly no, that would be a licensing issue. Doesn’t mean people won’t bring their own. Granted from a legal stand point you should save stuff like this for college and pro games (where they don’t allow outside food or drinks).

      But ya some bourbon In the hot chocolate can be nice too.

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