Gonzo’s Brew Day

IMG_2242Opening day is getting that much closer. Of course with that on the horizon the amount of work at the brewery is ramping up. Gonzo’s Bigg Dogg Brewery in Kalamazoo started brewing over the past weekend.

You might think that this is the easy time as they are only getting ready for opening day. But that is deceiving. Now is the time that they need to make sure they will have enough beer to keep patrons happy when they officially open. This is the opening of a brewery, anything can happen..IMG_2244

IMG_2241Aside from the brews that are going into primary right now. The kitchen is getting pieced together as well as the tasting room. Every section that goes into making the start up a success is going through tests and checks.

It won’t be long that the behind the scenes pieces are in place. From there employee training and operations will be set up. There is an energy in the birth of a new place like this. For quite some time it has only been the few people who are there every day. But soon the number of people who call the place their work home will grow.IMG_2240

But for now that is still just a little ways away. In the brewery it is still just the small crew doing the finishing touches and making beer. The quiet before the storm to come. Before they know it, the real work will begin

Time for a pint…

8 thoughts on “Gonzo’s Brew Day

  1. Sweet, it looks like things are coming right along. Since moving back west, I’ve noticed a few home brewery places in my town. I don’t know if they were there before, but because of your blog, I notice more beer stuff now. Kinda like when a friend has a certain car and you start noticing that model every where you go….

    • The cool thing about finding a decent number of home brew shops in your area, you will be seeing more breweries popping up too. Where there are home brewers, there are those who decide to take the plunge into the big leagues.

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