Air Drop

Every now and then I run across some really great pictures. It is even better when other people find some cool ones and send them to me. Such is the case with the couple pics I have for tonight.

This first picture is from June 13,1944. When an English brewery decides to send the troops in Normandy some beer what better way to send it. (This image was found at Historian Book.)


This image was sent to me from Candy Korman from Candy’s Monsters fame.

There is some interesting history with this picture. By dates, this is the first picture ever taken of people enjoying beer. The photo is dated roughly around 1845. The article that it was found in comes from the Open Culture website. Interesting enough, the men in the picture are Scottish. And are part of a Flickr series of photos from the National Galleries of Scotland. The interesting bit for me… I would have thought it would have been the Irish to be the first to enjoy a pint on film.

Time for a pint…

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