Labor Day Weekend

I know what you’re thinking. What should we do for the holiday weekend. I don’t always prepare videos specifically for holidays but I went through some of my archives on Youtube and found a couple that are perfect for this holiday weekend.

Beer can chicken is a classic for the grill. I can’t imagine a Labor Day weekend without it.

This is pretty straight forward. You can add spices and such but for the most part all you really need is a beer can and a chicken (and some beer of course).

And then brisket, how can you go wrong with a nice brisket?

When you do this on your BBQ just remember: indirect heat and low and slow. This is one that will take 5 hours or more to cook. I have known them to go for as long as 9 hours in the past. One way to do it is to do most of the work in your oven first and then finish it on the grill for the last hour or so. This is a good way to get some good smoke into it without having to deal with charcoal every hour (gas grills are for weinies).

Because of the holiday I won’t be around on Monday. But consider this a bonus with some great ideas for your holiday weekend.

Time for a pint…

10 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. My husband makes a wicked “beer up the butt” chicken. Yup, that’s the graceful name we have for that meal. Neither of us knows how to make brisket so that might make for a nice change.

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