End of Summer

It comes around the time of the first snow fall, or maybe a little before then that we start counting down the days till summer returns. Of course in the hot, humid days we forget how much we longed for the warmth of summer. But even then when we are fighting everything in life to stay in our cool air conditioned homes, we look back and think that summer wasn’t long enough.

Sometimes I feel like an oddball (well, make that most of the time). But I am not a fan of summer. Sure I like it and all but as I have gotten older it just doesn’t have the same allure as it did when I was a child. It could be that as adults we no longer have summer vacation.

Remember those summers when we were finally free of the yoke of school? There was so much to do and more daylight to do it in. It’s funny, when you become an adult, there is still so much to do during the summer but much of it now is stuff you have to do. And then you have work to pay for all your toys on top of that.

I have always loved the fall. There is a change in the air. The smells are different, the feeling is different. Many days are warm enough that you don’t need a bunch of layers but cool enough to go outside and enjoy the world around you.

Autumn is also the time for harvests. And Halloween, you can’t forget the fun of knocking on peoples doors and asking for candy. The whole stranger danger thing seems to go out the window on Halloween (always have your candy checked by a parent kids).

Now in the last week of August we find a middle stage. At times the heat and humidity are still running rampant. But nature knows what is coming. The trees are beginning to change. The harvest is coming soon.

My garden is coming to the end of the season. This means it is time to do what I can to preserve different parts of it for winter.

I finished my first three pounds of pickles earlier today and have another three pounds of cucumbers sitting in brine. Aside from the tomatoes we use when we can I have been able to put some in the freezer. I blanche, peel, and seed them before I freeze them. This makes it easier for making sauces and such later. There are more tomatoes that are slowly coming into the realm of ripeness. They will be dealt with in due time.

But then there is a point in the garden that makes us stop and wonder. We planted some watermelon seeds this year. We usually don’t plant from seeds. We are rarely prepared enough for doing something of that nature.


For the longest time, it did little to nothing that seemed like the plants wanted to grow. And then we hit August. Over the past few weeks the watermelon plant took off. So now as other plants are finishing their run, the watermelon is getting close to the time it will be making fruit. This is a crazy world.

We may end up with watermelons for October. I wonder if a watermelon Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween will fly? This could start a new trend for the fall. Instead of pumpkin beers we could have fall watermelon beers. Who do I need to talk to to make this happen?

Time for a pint…

8 thoughts on “End of Summer

  1. I normally mourn the end of the summer, but not this year. Instead I’m eagerly awaiting the fall so that things can settle down into some semblance of order or at least familiar chaos.

    Pumpkin anything is appealing to me, I reserve judgement on watermelon beer. πŸ™‚

    • It has been an interesting summer. As I contemplate closing my pool soon, I have realized it didn’t get nearly as much use this summer as I would have liked.

      Pumpkin beers are some of my favorites.

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