Here we go with the status report for my garden this year. The drought last year was horrible. We did get some production out of the garden but the heat just wouldn’t let up and our plants did not fare well at all.

This year is a polar opposite. We have had steady rain and great growth all around (Pics to follow). We are still waiting on the tomatoes to give us more than a couple reds here and there. But the plants are filled right now with fruit that is poised to ripen at any time. The beefsteaks are getting nice and big too. This is a first for us.

The zucchini and cucumbers have been doing quite well at producing. It seems like every time I turn around I am bringing an armload from the two plants.

Last night I made some cabbage rolls from our first ever cabbage plant. That went over well. It was a mix of veggies from the garden as the basis for the filling. Of course that means I used zucchini, we have gone through quite a few of those now. This was also our first year for growing lettuce. I will be harvesting the plant for the third time this summer within the next few days.

Check out some pics. The veggies are coming in great.

Time for a pint… IMG_1972







10 thoughts on “Garden

  1. Your plants all look healthy and hearty. I haven’t grown vegetables in my garden for years, but this is the time of year when I start to wonder why I don’t. We are expanding the garden next year, perhaps I’ll incorporate a few veggies into the design so I can get over my plant envy. 🙂

    • Our yard is fenced in so we don’t see many larger animals roaming around. We can still have a good number in the neighborhood though. We noticed a couple rabbits across the street in the last month. Another neighbor tends to get skunks and raccoons in the summer.

  2. I’m happy to be growing a couple of tomato plants, basil, jalapenos this year, plus I put in some strawberries too. Next summer I will be able to get an earlier start. Mostly, I’ve just enjoyed doing yard work again and being outside more.

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