My mind wandered a little today. I can’t say how I ended up here but it was an interesting trip to say the least.


Flikr Creative Commons: Courtesy emerson12 (Gnome at Home)

Businesses have their mascots. It is something they identify with to the outside world. Breweries are at their heart businesses. They are prone to having a mascot all their own. One that comes to mind for me is the La Chouffe Gnome. If you have seen it you know exactly what I am talking about. It is a pint sized bearded gnome with a red pointy hat. It very much resembles a garden gnome.

Well, it is story time. But have no fear the story has nothing to do with a pint sized gnome or anything of that sort. Instead, we return a few years ago to the time when I was working at Arcadia Brewing in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The mascot I am thinking of is something that the public never really saw. It was a crew mascot more than anything else. It was a two foot tall doll dressed to look like a Scottish Golfer, It even had a kilt. The thing reminded me of a Scottish Chucky doll.

The Battle Creek brewery for Arcadia (the new one in Kalamazoo is still under construction at the time of this writing) is a two level building. The upper floor is devoted to grain storage and other brewery storage as well as offices and the dish room for the kitchen. Of course the walk in cooler and a small prep area for the kitchen were upstairs as well.

Working in the kitchen meant quite a few late nights, quite often after a brutal dinner rush. Cooks tend to have a warped sense of humor. This leads into practical jokes and other such nonsense. This doll became a recurring theme.

There were three different stairwells to the upper floor, with quite a few places to hide the doll. Late at night when you are alone walking up a semi dark stairwell, this doll is pretty spooky. Of course when you have someone willing to spend a few minutes to tape a chef’s knife to the hand of the doll and hide it in a good spot, the spookiness can happen at any time.

Do you have any practical joke stories or similar from your working life?

Time for a pint…

6 thoughts on “Mascots

  1. A few years ago when I worked for the Canadian Pharmacists Association we created a government relations campaign focussed on stress reduction. Part of the campaign involved sharing with members of parliament a stress ball that was shaped like a pharmacist.

    At that time I did a lot of travelling and one of my colleagues asked if I could take one of the stress dolls with me and get pictures of it in different settings. She drew a pair of glasses on him and suggested that he looked like our pharmacist colleague Barry. We had a laugh and Barry and I headed out on the road. Barry was photographed on planes, looking out hotel windows, in restaurants, by fountains etc. I shared all the images with my colleague. She in turn would sneak into the real Barry’s office and place the images in different spots. Every morning he would return to find his “Minnime” in a new location and no indication of who was doing it or why.

    • That is great. Stuff like that can be some of the best reasons to get up for work everyday. Sure a paycheck is nice, but you can get one of those just about anywhere. It is the intangibles that keep you coming back.

  2. My garden is full of whimsical garden ornaments but I do not have a gnome. I don’t know why that is, I just have never found one that “speaks” to me. In my old office I use to have a frog on my desk that became the unspoken symbol between my managers and I that we have to kiss a l lot of frogs to find our prince. 🙂

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