Sake: Finished

I did it. I bottled the evil beast. I ended up with 9.5 champagne bottles of sake. Not my best haul but not too bad. As I write this I have a glass beside me and I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. IMG_0097

The simple verdict, I like it. Now let’s get a bit more in depth (but not too much). The appearance is hazier than I would like. I am not sure if this is a problem with sake in general (doubtful though I could be wrong) or if I should have let it rest for a bit longer before I bottled. Granted the bottle I am drinking from is the half bottle. This one probably picked up the layer of sediment that transferred with the sake the other day.

The flavor itself is an interesting mix of bright lemons with a alcohol warmth following it up. You could call it the brightness of a summer day followed by the sun torching your back. It isn’t so sour that it has pucker power but the sourness is definitely there.

It is dry but with a bit of substance to it. When I think of something to compare it to I think of meads. Meads tend to be a bit lighter than wine. I get the same feeling from this sake. It is one to watch out for, you can drink it like water. But water with a kick.

I would have liked to bottle this in wine bottles and cork them. But fearing the wild yeasts and what they could still do, I opted for the champagne bottles. They handle the stress of strong carbonation much better. Not that I am afraid of bottles exploding, it is just better to be safe than sorry in cases like this.

Now that my work here is done, I think I will skip the pint tonight and opt for another glass of sake…

8 thoughts on “Sake: Finished

    • Eventually I will have Belgian corkable bottles on hand for sour beers. These bottles take a cage like a champagne bottle and are a heavier gage than regular bottles. They have the added benefit of looking cool too. I’ll probably have to have 4 cases of those bottles on hand for when I do stuff like this.

  1. Good for you Jon, well done. I couldn’t help but think of a podcasts from Susan about her dad when I read that you opted for the champaign bottles just in case. As to the cloudy nature of your sake, I’ve had cloudy sake before, it was delicious. Check out Nigori sake, from your description I think you may have just made a variation of it. πŸ™‚

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