New Equipment: Gonzo’s Bigg Dogg

I had hoped to make it to Gonzo’s Bigg Dogg Brewery (one of the new breweries in Kalamazoo, Michigan) on Thursday in order to catch shots of their new equipment coming in, but life sometimes gets in our way. This time it wasn’t me. It turned out that the equipment was delivered on Wednesday instead. Surprises like that are great because you get the chance to get something done earlier than you planned. But then it is earlier than you planned so that has its own drawbacks.


Brew Kettle and Hot Liquor Tank

As it turned out, they are none the worse for wear. They are waiting on one more truck still to bring in the last few items. One of the items they are still waiting on is the rest of their malt conveyor. As it is right now, their formerly wide open brew space is filling up fast.



Fermentation Tanks (and the Hot liquor tank again)


Bright tank


serving Tanks (This room is still under construction)

The open space between the serving tank room and fermentation room will be sealed off to protect the space from the elements.


Gonzo, hard at work figuring it all out.

Time for a pint…

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