Construction: Boatyard Brewing Company

IMG_1721Boatyard Brewing in Kalamazoo, Michigan is up and running. You would think this means it is time to celebrate. Instead they are working as fast as possible to get their building ready for their larger brew tanks.

Their 15 barrel system is still about 5 weeks away from being delivered so they are still working on their half barrel system. This keeps them busy but not nearly as busy as getting the building ready to bring in the larger system with all its accompanying tanks.

They have been busy knocking down walls and setting up new ones to redefine the space. The building has come a long way in a short time.IMG_1715
Time for a pint…





4 thoughts on “Construction: Boatyard Brewing Company

    • It is cool to watch the changes as they happen. A post I wrote for I’m a Beer Hound a while back showed the changes they had gone through just getting them to a place where they could start brewing.

    • Wrong bar. I am not sure yet what Boatyard will be doing as far as a tasting room in the future yet. They currently have a small tasting room set up inside the brewery itself (about 4 stools at the bar). It’s a great time watching them work while you get to sit back enjoying a beer.

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