Independence Day

20130703-213653.jpg Back in May the bill was signed into law making it legal to brew in Alabama. This was the last state to hold on to antiquated laws; laws that turned honest citizens into criminals.

With all the other issues that plague us right now, it can be hard to fathom that this was something worth fighting for. We have crazies with guns, or bigots who are putting down the minority of the week, your political party is wrong or your religion of choice offends me and my brothers second cousin twice removed; but for so many years you were a criminal if you tried to make something in your home that was once a common part of daily life in this country.

Doesn’t it seem odd that with all the other crap infesting our lives, it took so long for this to happen? You would think they would have figured out long before now that they really need a drink in Alabama. But I digress…

The important thing to think about as we move into the holiday of our nations birth (in the US), it has always been our quest to ensure our freedoms are protected. Many who came to this country even before it was a country, were seeking freedoms to live their lives on their own terms.

As we spend our day with our BBQs and beers and then our nights with fireworks and sparklers, lets remember that there is a reason we have the right to fight to live our lives our way. At every turn there was someone willing to give up their own freedoms for a little while so that we could enjoy our freedoms all the time.

What are some of the freedoms you are thankful for?

Time for a pint…

8 thoughts on “Independence Day

    • A few years ago Founder’s Dirty Bastard couldn’t make it into the state of Alabama because of the name. But oddly, Fat Bastard wine was ok. Sometimes how these laws work really baffle me.

  1. Laws are strange at times.

    I am so thankful that I have the freedom to write what I like online … maybe the government is reading it, but I am not terribly concerned at present given what I am writing. I’m thankful that when people are unhappy with a leader here, we try to have elections or find new candidates. I haven’t noticed the army ousting any presidents lately.

    • Good freedoms to be thankful for. A friend of mine on Facebook yesterday made a joke similar to what you are saying. But he did hit the nail perfectly when he added in that he is thankful that he has the right to complain about the government snooping.

      In some countries you don’t have that right.

  2. I agree with everyone. Laws can be strange. I am thankful that I can write without censoring and without staying the shadows out of fear. Our Country has its issues there is no doubt, but it is still the best in my view. We can make our voices be heard and we can vote for change. Not everyone can say that. Thank you for your service to our Country. Happy 4th everyone!

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