Puff Pastry with Rhubarb

This was a week of abundance. We went out to my wife’s uncle’s farm for some family matters and came home with a couple pounds of strawberries, a shopping bag filled with rhubarb, and a couple pounds of asparagus.

The hardest part of getting large quantities of any kind of fruits or veggies is the processing to store them. There are a couple different ways you can do this. The most common way to do this would be to can it all. Canning takes a good portion of your day. It is also hot and uncomfortable, and can kill off the enzymes in the food you are trying to store.

If you have the space, freezing is another great possibility. We have quite a bit of freezer space. This meant the most work I ended up doing was cleaning the stems from the strawberries and cutting the ends from the rhubarb. I also go a step further and cut the stalks to the size I will be using when I work with them.


So, that brings us to what you can do with stuff like this. I rolled out some puff pastry and cooked it off. Then made sauce from the rhubarb to go over some ice cream. 20130621-224104.jpg

1.5 lb Rhubarb
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 cinnamon stick

put it all in a pot and cook till the rhubarb is soft.


Time for a pint…

8 thoughts on “Puff Pastry with Rhubarb

    • I make stuff ahead and many things can be cheaper in bulk. With three fridges (two of them kegerators) and a stand up freezer, I have quite a bit of freezer space to store stuff in.

  1. There are worse problems to have… LOL. I love strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus and they are now coming into season at our farmers markets. As I’m sure you do, I have a few recipes that I want to try. I’ll keep you posted. BTW: I have not been getting your email feed, no sure why.

  2. I have a friend who cans, and it’s a little said how it seems to be a dying art form. Plus, your post is making me hungry as it’s late and been awhile since dinner. I can’t remember the last time I ate rhubarb.

    • I have considered canning in the past. But with as much freezer space as I have, it is so much easier to freeze most things.

      There are quite a few easy techniques like canning (it is easy, just time consuming) that are lost through lack of understanding. It can be easy for a company to push the downside of work you can easily do yourself in order to sell their products to you. This marketing ploy stays with you because it is what you see most that can have the strongest affect on you.

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