HIstory of Beer in America

image Too often we forget that there was a history of beer before the craftbeer movement took off. Crazy as it sounds, the US actually did have beer long before the late 70s.

In 2007 Bill Yenne published the book The History of Beer in America. This book is a coffee table book that is meant to be flipped through. The book is filled with photos and print ads from the past.

As might be expected, there is a section on the beer renaissance. Though quite a bit has happened in the past few years. The information and pictures from breweries prior to 2007 are worth the look.

PIck up the book. It makes for good reading over a beer or two. At the least you can check out the pictures.

Time for a pint…

12 thoughts on “HIstory of Beer in America

    • It’s been pretty good. Did some pool cleaning and jumped into some super cold water. Had a few hours today where it was just me and my grand daughter. She slept most of that time. Peace and quiet can be hard to come by sometimes.

  1. I love books on the history of all things, it just depends on how the info is communicated. Does the book consist just of photos and print ads, or has additional commentary been added?

    • There is quite a bit of commentary throughout this book. At times it can feel like an extended timeline (the prose can be dry). But the history aspect of it all is great for finding what happened when and such.

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