Bank St. Farmer’s Market


I know I skipped my normal Friday post this week, but I had good reason for doing so. June 1st fell on a Saturday this year. June is the month where the Bank Street Farmer’s Market in Kalamazoo Michigan, moves into full swing.

From June through October the market will be open three days a week. In a conversation with one of the vendors they may be making a few changes though. There is talk of changing their hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays to better suit patrons (I have not had official confirmation yet so this is still only talk). If these changes happen, the weekday hours will switch to: 11am to 6pm. Which will be great for those who need their farm fresh veggies during the week.

IMG_1352This is the farmer’s market I grew up with. My parents and I would spend Saturday mornings at this market long before going to the farmer’s market was cool (hipster moment).

I made it there before they were open this morning, so I could get some shots before the crowds arrived. Even getting into the start of their busy season, there were enough vendors that the overflow was setting up. The growth over the years of local and fresh has pushed the market’s growth. It is now at a point where the original covered area is no longer big enough to support the number of growers. The benefit to the consumer is not only great produce all around, but also a larger variety of fresh produce and other artisanal items to choose from.

IMG_9147 Time for a pint…

8 thoughts on “Bank St. Farmer’s Market

  1. Going to the farmer’s market down South is akin to torture once the humidity hits. We’ve tried a few around Charlotte, but none are as good as the one back in Boise. The Asheville on is pretty impressive, and there’s this guy with a thick French accent who loves to boast about his real French bread. Once we’re back home, it will be one of the first things we do in Idaho. It’s so fun to wander around and see what’s available while planning an impromptu dinner.

    • The humidity can be a killer in Michigan too. We try to go early in the morning before it gets too muggy when that happens.

      I like planning meals around what I find at the farmers market.

  2. This looks fabulous. We have a farmer’s market in my town, but it is only open on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately I rarely get there, but I do belong to a CSA so I get my farm fresh produce weekly through that!

    • CSAs are great too. My sister in law was gifted one for the summer last year. Since they didn’t work with fresh veggies as much as we do, it meant bonus stuff throughout the summer at my house.

  3. I love Farmers Markets. We have one every Saturday in my home town. Then there are the ones near by on different days. When I really need good fresh local produce, there is usually one open not far away. I’m lucky. Its good the live in a place that has those kind of options. 🙂

    • We tend to eat from our garden as veggies ripen and then buy large quantities of veggies for freezing from the farmers market. The farmers produce way more than we do.

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