Bell’s Tap Take Over

20130517-172223.jpg The start of American Craft Beer Week found me at Central City Tap House in downtown Kalamazoo. They were hosting a Bell’s tap take over and I was hoping to find their Kal-Haven ale. A beer commemorating the Kal-Haven trail.

The Kal-Haven trail follows the old railway from Kalamazoo to South Haven. This 33.5 mile trail, used by bikers and hikers during the summer, is also used by snowmobilers during the winter. The course travels over farmland, woods, and small towns.

Kal-Haven ale is a rye ale with Brettanomyces. This is one I have been wanting to try since I first heard about it.


The play between the pepper and spice of the rye and the rich earthiness of the brett made for a great combination. The beer came across as light and refreshing with good fruit acidity. Although it finishes out around 7% the heat from the alcohol doesn’t show itself.

From what I have found, this one is only available on draft. If you can find it, it is a good one to check out.

Time for a pint…


3 thoughts on “Bell’s Tap Take Over

    • I love sours, and this one was tasty. Even living as close to the trail as we do, we have yet to explore it. But then there are quite a few places to explore in my area. We hit a new one when we can.

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