Wild Bull Status Party

20130509-215130.jpgThe campaign for Kalamazoo to become Beer City USA is in full swing. Earlier tonight Discover Kalamazoo hosted an update get together at Wild Bull in Kalamazoo.

Based on the numbers discussed for the growth of the social media campaign, I will say that Kalamazoo is showing the world that yes, there really is a Kalamazoo. The Beer4kzoo Facebook page alone has jumped to 1700 likes in less than a week. And then there have been somewhere around 30,000 page views for the Vote Kalamazoo website which has existed for only about a week.

The last day for voting is fast approaching (1:59 am Michigan time Saturday is when the polls close) but there is still time to get your vote on. Tomorrow night there will be a panel discussion with some of the new breweries coming into Kalamazoo. Information about this event can be found on Eventbrite. This is a chance to get more info on why Kalamazoo is Beer City USA.

Time for a pint…






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