Building the Oast (Hop Head Farms)

Hop Head Farms has been busy not only getting ready for this coming growing season but also with expansion. Back in February we took a look at the hop field expansion. This expansion will be taking their growing space from 15 acres to 30 acres.

Their next big project is the buildout on their German designed oast house. An oast house is a building with the primary purpose of drying hops. Their equipment made the trip from Germany recently and they have been spending the past couple days unloading it all from the back of semis.

While they are busy unloading they are filling up their hop picker house. The oast house is still under construction. The heavy rains we have been having in South West Michigan have slowed construction a bit. This doesn’t dampen the spirits of the Steinmans though. Jeff mentioned that they should have the oast finished by mid may, more than enough time to prepare for next seasons harvest.

20130426-205727.jpgThe current building construction.

20130426-205747.jpgOast interior (still needs the floor finished)


Parts upon parts of the oast pieces piling up in the home of Griselda Wolfenstein (the hop picker)

Jeff hard at work.

Time for a pint…

7 thoughts on “Building the Oast (Hop Head Farms)

    • It’s a huge jump in the work they are doing. Last year it was only working on 15 acres and planning future improvements. This year they have jumped full tilt into their improvements.

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