Session Beer Day

April is an important month in the world of beer (and alcohol in general). April 7th is the official day that small beer was allowed in the US when prohibition was in the process of being repealed. Small beer was defined as beer of 4% alcohol or less. The 7th is referred to as mini repeal day for a couple different reasons.

This year will mark the first anniversary of Session Beer day. A session beer is a beer that has 4.5% alcohol or less, and big flavor to make it interesting for multiple pints but not so much that the flavor overpowers the drinker.

In honor of Session Beer Day, for the month of April I will be talking about beers that are traditionally session beers and new beers being brewed within the guidelines of a session beer. This is not a beer style on its own. There are beers from different styles that fall into this special category.

Something I find interesting about the beers that fall into this category is they are beers you would have with friends when the conversation is more important than the idea of getting drunk. You can drink a few of these and still drive home safely, as opposed to a double IPA or similar beers that are higher in alcohol.

Time for a pint…

12 thoughts on “Session Beer Day

    • I know I have had some of my best conversations over a pint. For these it is rarely a matter of getting sloshed, it is all about the company and enjoying something tasty together.

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