Bell’s Consecrator Dopplebock

Any day you can spend some time with friends and good beer is a good day.  It makes it even more special when you have something to celebrate.  As it turns out Bonnie Steinman (Hop Head Bon) from Hop Head Farms is turning another year older.  I met up with her and Jeff (Hop Head Jeff… there is a pattern here) at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe for a celebratory beer earlier.  It is even better knowing that my birthday is right around the corner as well.

Something I love about a breweries tasting room is the opportunity to find beers that are not part of their production line up.  Bell’s Eccentric Cafe is no exception.  At the cafe you can find anything from sours to cask to even some oddities (like Eccentric Ale).  I counted myself lucky when I found they had Consecrator Dopplebock available today.

The Consecrator is an 8% dopplebock and well worth the trip to downtown Kalamazoo.  Granted they served it to me in a no-nick pint glass (I prefer my dopples in tulip glasses (I know this sounds snobbish)) but it came through great anyway.  An interesting aspect of Bell’s is they have a history of doing both ales and lagers. Good temperature control in the fermentation vessels allows the brewer to have the option of what kind of beer they choose to make. For Bell’s this means that at their downtown brewery they have a huge range of beers available at any given time. 

As far as flavor for the Consecrator goes, it was exactly what I expect a dopple to be.  Chocolate and caramel with a touch of fruit acidity.  There is a sweetness to it but not over powering.  Just as other dopplebocks the sweetness is well balanced.  It is the kind of beer that when you first taste one you pause as you realize you didn’t know beer could taste like this.

If you have a chance to get into Kalamazoo, this is a beer at Bell’s I would tell you to try first.  But then I am a little biased considering how much I like this style.

Time for a pint…

5 thoughts on “Bell’s Consecrator Dopplebock

  1. Jon, I always find your posts so informative and can always read the passion you have for beer. A beer tasting room is such a wonderful idea especially for the novice beer drinker. It really gives someone a chance to really see what they like. There is so much diversity in beer as in wine. I am glad you had a chance to meet up with friends for a mini celebration. 🙂

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