Wild Game

Once a year my father’s church has a pretty huge get together to celebrate hunting and share the bounty from the year.  In Michigan this generally means venison, but sometimes there is an opportunity to taste even more exotic game.  This year there was some wild boar, kangaroo, and rabbit added into the mix. 

The gathering is set around the idea of sharing traditions within your family, generally father to son (in some cases to daughters).  Mind you, neither my father nor myself are hunters.  But the gathering is centered on good food, so you really can’t go too far wrong. 

Last year there were roughly 270 attendees.  This year the numbers jumped to well over 300.  Extra settings needed to be brought out to accomadate the sizable group.  Even though the crowd had grown by more than orginally anticipated, there was more than enough food to feed everyone. 

Aside from the animals that provided for the feast (many from right here in Michigan), there was also a good showing of other Michigan staples.  These were some of the standouts of the evening:

Venison Meatballs with wild Hen of the Woods mushrooms
Venison strip steak with Michigan blueberry sauce
Venison brisket
Wild Boar sausage
Rabbit Stew

There was also a nice selection of venison jerkies and salamies for appetizers.

There were three food lines set up, which helped keep dinner moving at a brisk pace.  There really wasn’t a long wait for food. 

It was quite a bit of food, and this was only the main course. 

A special needs table, with gluten free and allergen free items was also provided. 

In the end it was a great night for food and time with friends (even if you had to make new ones).  This does make me wonder if they will have room for everyone next year, if it continues to grow as it has for the past few years.
Time for a pint…

16 thoughts on “Wild Game

  1. I enjoyed getting together like this in the past, not regarding hunting, but large invites through a VFW or church. I really enjoy salami, so I'd probably like the appetizers. I've had venison before and it wasn't bad … until I found out it was Bambi. I just thought it was beef salami.

  2. Looks like they are having great fun! Glad to read they provide gluten-free food for those that need. I suppose my vegetarian friends would probably just stay home or do their own.

  3. Looks like lots of fun. I will try almost any type of food once. Growing up, my family ate a steady diet of elk steak, deer meat, sausage and salami, etc. You name it, my dad shot it and the family ate it. Needless to say, I got really sick of eating so much game. I still enjoy meat moderately, but have not eaten any game in some time, unless bison burgers count…

  4. That looks like a blast. I think the venison meatballs with wild hen of the woods mushrooms sound really interesting, it's making me hungry. I haven't had venison for years and now I want some…Sigh!

  5. I'm really not adventurous when it comes to food- or anything- but I'm reading this and I really want some. Lol. I've heard people say that certain things taste like chicken or like pork or what have you, but in order for me to eat something ugly (like iguanas) or really sweet (like a poor rabbit) I have to be deceived. I just can't bring myself to do it.

  6. I'm a very picky meat eater. I only eat chicken if its breaded, ground beef if I personally cook it, steak if its not too thick, ect. You get the point. But out of all of my issues with meat I CAN NOT resist wild boar. I'm sure you have tried wild boar bacon but if you have not, it is a must! I'm also very curious about the kangaroo served. Where did it come from?

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