Charlie Bamforth

Stolen from the UC Davis Website

For quite some time there have been only 2 official brewing schools in the United States; the Siebel Institute in Chicago and UC Davis in California.  Though this might seem obvious, UC Davis has been the only program run through a major university.  There are some popping up in other schools now, but these two programs are the leaders.

Through a long career in different areas within breweries, Charlie Bamforth has written books (among these Beer: Tap Into the Art and Science of Brewing and Beer is Proof that God Loves Us are just a start) and a large number of articles involving the science behind everything from flavor stability and foam to articles on malting science.  He is currently the Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Brewing Science at UC Davis.

Let’s spend a few minutes with him…

5 Questions of note and 1 lame one
1.                  What was the beer moment, when you knew you wanted to become involved with the craft beer renaissance?
When I was invited to move to California as the beer professor at Davis and I met the likes of Ken Grossman, Fritz Maytag, Dan Gordon and Vinnie Cilurzo for the first time.
2.         If you could have any drink in your hand right now, what would it be?
I write this at breakfast time, so a hefeweissen
3.         Can you describe your beer life in a song lyric/title?  If so what would you choose?
Stairway To Heaven
4.         Do you have a steady beer, or do you like to “play the field?”
I play the field – just as I don’t sit down to eat curry for every meal
5.         Crowded smoky bar or back porch watching the clouds float across the sky?
Back porch
And the lame one…
If tin whistles are made of tin, what do they make foghorns out of?
Old Foghorn is of course made of malt, hops…….

4 thoughts on “Charlie Bamforth

  1. I love it. UC Davis is not far from where I luve and, as you said, it has an amazing school for vintners and beer masters. What a fun guy and what a great job in a great place. 🙂

  2. My friends who own Hop Head Farms call themselves Hop Heads. But the official term is one I don't know. Maltsters are the ones who turn grain into malt. Brewers turn malt into beer. Farmers turn seed into grain. I may just be hop farmers (but that seems too easy.)

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