Freshness Approved

I will be adding a new feature to the normal diatribe of fun that I give on a regular basis.  Although unlike a weekly feature this is going to be a monthly event. 

I thought about it recently, my typical brewing pattern falls into a minimum of once a month.  The pattern itself is essentially something I figure out with what might appear as no rhyme or reason.  Well this is going to change at least a little bit. 

Another observation, I really don’t do reviews.  That in itself will not be changing (sorta).  I have no real desire to add reviews to the litany of articles I write here.  I find them to be mostly subjective and have to question why my choice in beer rating would be any better than the countless others who already do beer reviews. 

Instead my proposal now falls into the category that I love spending time in.  The basic idea will be to explore a specific style each month.  Throughout the month we will spend time looking at history and beers that fall into that style category.  Also the beer I brew for that month will be my interpretation of the style, along with the full recipe and method of creation.  My further intention for this will be when I run across a beer at either a retail establishment or at a local pub/bar, I will share the experience.  This may not always be in the form of a review.  The more likely approach will be my view on how the beer falls within the style choice for the month and where you might find it. 

Along the way there will be opportunity to share whether it be in the form of guest posts that fall within the style of the month or reader participation of ideas for a style to explore in a future month. 

With this in mind, the style (or in the case for this month) for the month of February is sours.  I know there is quite a few substyles that fall within this category.  But this month (in fact within the next few days) I will be brewing the next beer that will be aged as the next sour here.  I will soon share the experience of the currently bottled sour as well as look for other examples that fall within the blanket of this designation. 

I look forward to exploring beers with you as always.

Time for a pint…

7 thoughts on “Freshness Approved

  1. Thanks for sharing your new structuring. I think it will be a great addition to your blog and will really help readers like myself who don't know much about beer except that they love it to break down the different types and learn something new. It is always great when you can read a blog and take something away from it that you can use in every day life. Thank you for giving the blog community that opportunity with beer.

  2. I think this is a great idea. It will be really interesting to hear all about one kind of beer from the history to how its made to what it pairs with; especially for those of us who don't know a lot about anything related to beer brewing. I look forward to it.

  3. I was just thinking about sour beers. Must have read my mind. I love beer and I frequent a couple of beer bars down here in Tampa, FL. One of which, I'm going to tomorrow night. I'll have to grab a sour. I look forward to your posts and the new format.

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