Session 72: How We Love Beer

This month’s session is hosted by Ryan Newhouse from Montana Beer Finder.

In light of it being about two weeks before Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a good time to talk about how we love beer. Pay attention now, as I said “how,” not “why.” Much has already been discussed about why we love beer: its creativity, its taste, its social aspect.

Think of this topic and discussion in terms of being in a relationship (again, a good primer for Valentine’s Day!). You can say to your partner, “Honey, I love you.” But think of the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” From my personal experience, it’s always better to show your partner the ways you love them instead of saying simply, “I love you because you make me happy.” Instead if you come home with flowers every now and then, or do extra house chores without being asked, or plan an impromptu date, these are ways we show our partners how we love them because our actions show we think of them when they’re not around.

The simple answer would be that I spend my time with it day in and day out.  But that seems too predictable and way too easy.  I think around here the idea is to never accept the easy answer, it is so much more rewarding to dig a little deeper and find out what lies below the surface. 

As I sit here reflecting on some of the things I have done just over the past year alone, I am reminded of many times not simply looking for great beer or even at times brewing great beer.  Those two items alone are superficial, only touching the surface of the mystery that is the love of beer.  Instead we can go deeper still and explore the things that make beer the wonderful thing that it is. 

Throughout the past year it has been a journey spending time with those who have been touched by beer in some way in their life.  A few hightlights include our first time at Hop Head Farms, spending some time at the Corner Brewery for the ABC Brews Crews, self imposed pub crawls like what happened during Michigan Craft Beer month,  and then spending a few minutes every week finding how beer has affected other’s lives with Questions of Note

But in the end there seems to me an underlying theme, through all that has happened during the past year.  The love of great beer brings with it a chance to spend time with others who also love great beer.  Maybe thats it, at least for me it is.  How I love beer is through the ability to share it with others.  When you can find how it comes to their life and how it affects their world you gain a deeper appreciation of how it affects your life as well. 

The greatest thing about beer is it is meant to be shared.  There was a reason why America was forged through the pubs and taverns.  Those were the places where we gathered and shared our lives with our friends and family over a pint. 

time for a pint…


9 thoughts on “Session 72: How We Love Beer

  1. So true. The beauty of how we love beer is to sit around with others and enjoy the flavor of beer and life.I was just shopping with my Love yesterday, and we walked through the beer section in the supermarket. It's interesting to see what beers they sell in Germany as opposed to beers served in America. Budweiser Czech has a completely different branding than Budweiser U.S.One thing that helps out our budget here, is we can get a great tasting beer, Pilsner, Grafenwald for about 45 cents a bottle. Cheers to you and loved ones!

  2. I agree with you, Jon, Beer (like wine… 🙂 )has a way of bringing people together and makes for a much happier event or gathering. The various brands, flavors and kinds only makes it that much more fun and interesting. We can't forget the creativity that goes into creating a great product. All this shines through when people enjoy a good brew (and wine). My thoughts, 🙂

  3. I think when you find something you love, there's nothing more enjoyable than sharing that with like minded people whether that's through talking together or actually participating together in whatever form the activity takes e.g. painting in the same room, a book club etc. Having a good chat over a well brewed pint is a fine way to share a mutual interest. Thanks for the post.

  4. Your post makes me write to write a post about how I love so many different things, and it's so true that being able to share what we love is what matters the most.

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