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I had a few things on a tentative agenda for the evening.  The big part of it all was spending a little while outside the house.  First choice was to head over to a friend of mines and share some mead and beer, essentially an impromptu tasting.  As luck would have it this turned out to be a good choice for the evening. 

When you spend time working in kitchens and restaurants you tend to make a wide assortment of friends.  Some of these tend to enter and then leave your life never to be heard from again.  Then there are those who enter your life who you wish would leave forever.  And finally there are the ones who come into your life, and stick around.  You know the ones they come in raid the fridge hang out till odd hours (its a thing, people do this really). 

Where I ended up was one of those types of friends.  Over the years we have spent a good amount of time sharing beers and even wines on numerous occasions, but as time goes you don’t always have the time to spend with others you wish you could.  I think the last time we were able to get together it was over a 6 pack of beers I had on hand during the summer.  Tonight it was one of the Mai bocks I have aging away happily in my cellar as well as a bottle of the Heather Agave Mead. 

Lukas comes from old German stock and still goes over there for family vacations from time to time.  Whenever I have anything German inspired in my cellar it is a trip to his place for beers and conversation.  Tonight was a good night.  The bock went over well and the mead came across as different; the agave and heather bring notes you just don’t expect from a mead. 

The interesting moment in the night though came when we were having just one last one.  He had been keeping a cooler of Amstel Light outside to save some fridge room (in a cooler so not completely exposed to the elements.  Granted we haven’t been having arctic temps lately, but it is still Michigan winter. 

Instant Eise Bock, just add freezing Michigan winter.  As we were chewing our way through the ice in these I kept hearing “do you like pina coladas.”  I am actually more surprised that the bottles hadn’t burst.  The odd thing is, until we popped the tops of the bottles the beers were liquid.  It was only when the oxygen hit the liquid that they completely changed over. Something to think about…

Time for a pint…

7 thoughts on “Share Responsibly

  1. One of the things I most loved about waiting tables was the variety of people who worked both the front and back of the house. When I worked in the Everglades, a knew a middle-aged waiter named Ivan. He always introduced himself to tables as The Yugoslavian Redneck. Of all the people I worked with, I miss him so much and haven't been able to locate him online. One thing is for certain, restaurant employees tend to be colorful characters!

  2. Jon,It is always nice to have that someone that you can kick back and drink with. I have a girlfriend of 30 years that I think its time to kick back, drink and catch up on things (although beer will probably not be our drink of choice). Life sometimes gets in the way and more time goes by then you realize. Thanks for the reminder,Jenn

  3. I usually run into situations like that if I bring a bottle from the cellar and throw it into the freezer for a quick chill. But it was interesting to see the change in it. You can usually tell the ones I forget in the freezer.

  4. Life, it happens so often for all the wrong reasons… I never did like the token "Let's get together." I have been striving more to actually get together when I put it out there. Doesn't always work but its still worth the efforts.

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