Kalamazoo Beer Week Getting Close

There were quite a few events this week.  Many of em to packed houses.  A big one for me was Sour Sunday hosted by Central City Taphouse.  Not only did they host sours from Brewery Vivant but the brewers from Paw Paw Brewing showed up a bit later sharing their Red Barn Sour. 

Early in the evening Rick the brewery ambassador spent time with Jenny Parker from Imperial beverage exploring the beers to come.  Craft beer, unlike mass produced beer, is rarely ever pasteurized.  This is even more important in sour beers where the aging of the beer can provide an entirely new experience as the bacterias do their work.  Often in a brewery that invests in a fair amount of soured beers, blending is a common practice between batches to find the best mix of flavors between the different age ranges of brews. 


Of their offerings on Sunday I found the Paris to be my favorite.  Although this might be because the citrus notes present went so well with the thai peppers appetizer on Central City’s bar menu (becareful of the hot ones, they sometimes have a kick).  The Escoffier was offered as part of this flight as well.  This was the collaboration brew between Brewery Vivant and New Belgium Brewing, brewed for the release of New Belgium in Michigan. 

Shortly after Trevor And Ben from Paw Paw arrived Russ from Right Brain showed up.  It was quickly turning into a great night to spend time talking sour beers.  I am sure I have mentioned this before but it is Kalamazoo Beer Week, you never know who you might run into.

Time for a pint…

11 thoughts on “Kalamazoo Beer Week Getting Close

  1. Jon,Sounds so interesting. I live here in Michigan and didn't know about the Kalamazoo beer week, seems like a nice place to live. Have fun for me, just don't drink my share.Jenn

  2. Depending on the organimsms involved there can be quite a wide range of flavor notes in sours. Of course the main thing to expect is a sour quality similar to the effect of lemons (though this is a generalization).

  3. Picking a favorite is no easy feet. I have had the opportunity to sample quite a few different beers this week. There were a few standouts but when it comes to Michigan beers it is hard to pick a favorite.

  4. The most recognizable form of sour beer is the Lambic Style that originated in Belgium. Lambic is a beer that is spontaneously fermented relying on more than just beer yeast to ferment the wort. Bretanomyces, acetobacter (the bacteria that creates vinegar), and lactobacilus (the bacteria that gives us cheese, yogurt, and sauerkraut) are some of the main organisms used in souring. Each can bring its own flavor profile to the beer. Depending on the beer style the brewer may only use one of these or may use them all and then others as well as more normal ale or lager strains of yeast. Many times fruit may be added (such as a frambois) bringing the beer into the realm of wine as far as flavors go.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun. I've heard that sour beers have some of the best flavors of any brewed beers and that they're really great. I don't think I've ever tried any but really want to start trying all different kinds after reading all of your posts.

  6. Sours are one of my favorites (really I love all beer). Over the past 6 months I have started work with sours in my own personal brewery so hopefully I will be able to make and enjoy them for quite a few years to come.

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