The Session 71: Brewers and Drinkers

The first Session of 2013 comes from John at the Home Brew Manual

Session #71: Brewers and Drinkers

Brewers and Drinkers is about your relationship with beer and how it’s made. Do you brew? If so why? If not, why not? How does that affect your enjoyment of drinking beer?
Here are some things to think about if you’re stuck:

  • Do you need to brew to appreciate beer?
  • Do you enjoy beer more not knowing how it’s made?
  • If you brew, can you still drink a beer just for fun?
  • Can you brew without being an analytical drinker?
  • Do brewers get to the point where they’re more impressed by technical achievements than sensory delight?
  • Does more knowledge increase your awe in front of a truly excellent beer?

I have always had a bit of the curious side to me that wants to know how stuff works.  For me knowing where the magic comes from is about as important as the magic itself.  I like knowing how the magician does their tricks. 

I have been a beer drinker and lover for much longer than I have been a brewer.  But it has been through learning the brewing process that I have found a deeper appreciation for beer and the importance it has in our lives and culture. 

I do find that when I sample new beers from myself as well as commercial beers, I first will go into analytical mode in an attempt to dissect the various components of the brew.  After this first assessment though I spend more time exploring how the various components of the flavor profile compare and contrast. 

The technical aspects of the brewing process matter more in how the brewer was able to achieve the flavor profile they did, than in the ability to show boat.  In other words, doing something just because you can means less to me than doing it because it adds overall depth and appeal to the finished product.  I like to think that the end result of really good beer is the result we all are hoping to achieve.  Really a Ferrari that doesn’t go fast is just another car. 

Time for a pint…

8 thoughts on “The Session 71: Brewers and Drinkers

  1. I completely agree that brewing leads to a deeper appreciation of beer. Not just how it tastes, but where it fits in. That's something I didn't expect when I started out.Cheers!

  2. I completely agree with the premise of this post.As someone who is a chocolate enthusiast and is writing about chocolate, I felt compelled to find out how cacao is grown, and what is done with the beans to turn them into chocolate. I can see the same would be true for beer enthusiasts (not just boozers) wanting to find out how hops become beer. Interesting stuff!

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