I Feel Fine

Its the end of the world as we know it (again).  I feel like we have only just recently experienced the hub bub of the world ending.  Here we are again at another predicted moment of the world ending.  Dare I say that the feeling for most at this point is, meh…

With that being said, I am now entering into crunch time for holiday stuff.  We have time tomorrow night with my wife’s family and then comes the weekend preperation for the big day.  As it sits right now we do have some more cookies to make, but then add in the pork and brisket I will be slow cooking for Christmas as well as other items of note, the next few days will be hopping.  Of course, this is depending on whether or not the world ends or not. 

I currently plan to be slightly silent (at least right here) till the day after Christmas.  The days here are great family days and I plan to spend some time with mine, as I hope you have a chance to spend time with your own. 

Looking ahead into the near future, the next week will be a little haphazard due to the festivities happening in all of our lives.  But the new year will bring quite a bit of new and interesting things for us to explore.  I have been setting the ground work for some interesting activities that I hope you will find as exciting as I do.  Mind you, I am not giving out any more info than this right now.  Just know that coming into the new year we will be hitting the ground running. 

Merry Christmahannakwanzika everyone.  May you have a safe and happy time with your families (of course beer does help!).

Time for a pint…

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