Repeal Day

Seventy nine years ago The Grand Experiment ended.  Prohibition or in legal terms the Volstead Act was an exercise in social experimentation, trying to control freedoms by legislation.  Thankfully for all of us President Roosevelt chose to run for president with intentions to repeal the laws that took away our freedoms.  This site has a nice package of quick notes about the repeal of Prohibition. 

Whether you see alcohol as a boon to society or its greatest evil is irrelevant.  The important part is our freedom to choose, our ability to make our own decisions.  This was evidenced during the 13 years of prohibition.  The nation choose to continue drinking anyway.  But in this choice they had no boundries, knowing they were breaking the law anyway.  Bad hooch and organized crime became the norm instead of the exception to the rule. 

There are a large number of other examples that can be pulled from other areas of how outlawing the thing makes for something worse than authorization with limitation.  But really, we are here to talk about the great boon to our lives that the repeal of prohibition has given to us.  The fact that we can choose to have a beer or a glass of wine with our dinner is not only a great enhancement to our lives but a right guaranteed to us by the US Constitution. 

Remember then, when you have a pint today, it is your right to enjoy it.  Those who came before us fought for it.

Time for a pint…

10 thoughts on “Repeal Day

  1. I learned all about prohibition and the era in a class in high school, and I thought it was so cool. There is a restaurant her in Tampa that operates like a speakeasy- you call to make a reservation and they give you a code word to use once you get there. Cool post to bring to light!

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