Signs of the Season

Around here there are a few signs that warn you of the approaching holidays. Just before Thanksgiving is the first; the Kalamazoo Holiday Parade. This year was a great parade thought a bit different. The usual balloons were not floaters as has been the norm for many years. Instead they passed the spectators on floats.  

Who doesn’t dream of ginger bread men and candy for the holidays. 

The weather held out for the parade.  Probably a good reason for the clowns to be happy. 

The crowd from our vantage point in front of Bronson hospital; near the start of the parade.

Western Michigan University Marching Band

The portion of Galesburg-Augusta High School Band Featuring my youngest daughter. 

And of course a holiday parade is not finished until the jolly guy shows up.  Mind you after close to an hour and a half it was great finally seeing Santa.  

Our next stop happened earlier tonight (at least for us).  Although we skipped the night time holiday parade in Battle Creek, we still make the trip out to down town to check out the light displays.  On a crisp fall evening you may be looking for a nice fire and some hot chocolate afterward but it is still a good walk. 



We only took a few shots of the lights (like I said it was a bit cold).  In hindsight we also were wishing we would have brought the video camera with us.  As part of the display there is usually a light show of some sort.  This year included lights through out one of the parks and the surrounding area dancing to Christmas music playing over a loud speaker. 
Currently we still haven’t had enough snow to stick.  Because of this we have yet to make it out to Kalamazoo for Candy Cane Lane (in Bronson Park) and other holiday sights.  Those just look better when the white stuff has arrived. 
Time for a pint… 

4 thoughts on “Signs of the Season

  1. Love holiday parades but you're right, its always a relief to finally see that long white beard and red suit. Looking at Christmas lights is at the top of my list of things that make me happy this time of year. Its always fun to share stuff like that with your family.

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