Maple-Soy Glazed Cod with Thai Noodles

Here we are, escaping Thanksgiving.  This week we are looking at something a bit lighter, a reprieve from the hard core eats of the holiday.  As always with foods like this it is fairly simple to turn it into a vegetarian or even vegan dish.  For the most part with this one, the only animal product comes from the cod. 

Noodles Recipe:
1 package of Udon noodles (cooked)
1 Thai pepper (or red pepper flakes)
1/2 cup snow peas cut into bite size pieces
3 green onion
1 clove garlic
5 mushrooms (about 1/2 cup sliced)
2 stalks bok choy (leaf and stem)

1 inch ginger (chopped fine)

Start with the green onion, garlic, ginger, and Thai pepper, then add in the rest of the veggies one group at a time till all is cooked through.  If it looks a little dry add a dash or two of water (it will help steam the veggies a bit as well).  When the veggies are ready add in the noodles and toss with a little water to help the flavors spread around.  Season with salt and pepper.

1Tablespoon maple syrup
1 Tablespoon Soy sauce

Season the cod with salt then dredge through the flour, knocking off excess.  Sear each side of the cod till slightly golden.  Remove and place on pan (or cook on saute pan if oven safe).  Using a brush paint the cod with the soy sauce and maple mix.  Finish in oven (depending on the thickness of the pieces it might go really fast)  If the pieces are thin you might want to turn the oven off when you place the cod inside. 

Time for a pint…


14 thoughts on “Maple-Soy Glazed Cod with Thai Noodles

  1. This looks great. I've never had anything that combined maple and soy but the sweet and salty sounds like a great combo. It's 9:30 AM here and I'm already ready for lunch now!!

  2. Well, I must be the only person on the planet who didn't know what Udon noodles were so I looked them up on the internet. I like that they are wheat, which is better for you than noodles made from white flour. I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for the recipe.

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