Brewery Tasting: New Holland Brewing Co.

Earlier this year Serafino’s in Richland Michigan held a tasting for Mt. Pleasant Brewing Co.  It was great to spend a bit of time with a representative of the brewery and taste some new beers.  They have hosted a few more tasting events with other breweries and wineries there since that time (though I have not been able to make it to all of them).  When I found out there latest one would be with New Holland Brewing Co., I new I couldn’t miss this one.  At the very least this was a chance to get a taste of the Beer Barrel Bourbon. 

New Holland’s Event Captain, Adam Dickerson was on hand to answer questions about not only the bourbon but also Hopquila and the beers on hand as well.   This tasting was on an early Friday evening. The timing was perfect for catching people stopping in on their way home from work, so the shop was steadily busy when I stopped in.

Of course, the highlites on hand that day included not only the bourbon but also Dragon’s Milk and Charkoota Rye.  Their Beer Barrel Bourbon is aged in the barrels that are used to age Dragon’s Milk which originally came from bourbon distilleries.  It is a fun round robin that ends up with a very drinkable bourbon.  The Charkoota Rye, was made with pairing in mind.  It is a smoked rye beer that pairs perfectly with charcuterie (sausages and pates). 

Time for a pint…

3 thoughts on “Brewery Tasting: New Holland Brewing Co.

  1. Nice! It's always great to meet the people behind the product, they have so much passion and expertise that it gives you a whole new perspective on the things they are building on and trying to accomplish.

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