Session Beer Day and Michigan Beer Film

The official announcement has been made (and well in advance so we can get ready for this one).  Session Beer Day for 2013 will be on April 7th.  Not only is this a day to celebrate the greatness of session beers (beers packed with flavor but with 4.5% alcohol or less) but this also is the day Prohibition was repealed to allow 4% alcohol beers to be served. 

For the last Session Beer Day I brewed a hoppy bitters.  I may do the recipe again for the next one but as yet I am not sure (at least we have some time to plan out what we will be brewing).  I imagine around February or March I will begin to layout what I will be brewing this time around.

In other news…

I spent a few minutes at Rhino Media Productions in Kalamazoo earlier tonight.  They are diligently working on the Michigan Beer Film.  What is this you ask?  This is their foray into documentaries based on the rapidly growing Michigan beer industry. 

Kevin Romeo (Director/Producer) and I spent a couple quick minutes talking about the progress of the film.  They plan to premier the film in April of 2013 (maybe even just in time for Session Beer Day).  They also plan to have film premier parties at many of the breweries featured in the film. 

Time for a pint… ļ»æ

6 thoughts on “Session Beer Day and Michigan Beer Film

  1. Woot! A beer documentary. Yes, I'm one of those folks who watches a variety of NetFlix documentaries, so I'm always on the look out for subjects I have not viewed too much on before šŸ˜‰

  2. I do believe that the majority of what I watch tends to fall into documentaries. Some of my favorites tend to be marine life and dinosaurs. But then I also spend quite a bit of time in food and beverage too.

  3. He can come visit as long as he brings me some Australian hops. The ones I have used in the past have been great. But then, Session Beer day is hoped to become a world wide event. Hopefully some of the new breweries that are growing in your area will be taking part.

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