Surrender, this seems an odd thought just after the US presidential election.  But this thought has little to do with that.  It has more bearing on our egos and how they control our lives.  I can already feel you bristling at the thought (heck I am fighting it myself as I work through this). 

We have a problem.  Our first thought in any situation is fight (a matter of survival if you will).  When we can’t fight we run and run far, from pain, from fear, from our own success.  That’s right, we are our own worst enemies.  Many times it is our own egos, our own stubborn pride that keeps us from moving forward.  We proudly proclaim, “Never give up, Never surrender.”  And by this very stance we staunchly refuse to give in to ourselves.  We refuse to surrender to our dreams. 

As crazy as it seems our biggest fight, our biggest challenge is against our very natures.  We easily come up with excuses (flight) and then when backed into a corner we stand our ground.  It matters little if we are right or wrong, what matters is the fight.  We are here to win.  But winning this battle loses the war everytime.  It rarely matters how right or wrong you are.  You will lose everytime because you chose to fight. 

The truth finds you when you surrender.  Yielding to the inner voice means facing the darkness, the unknown.  I know this may sound like I am contradicting myself, but there is a difference.  It is something you will only find when you honestly surrender.  When you truely surrender, there are no more excuses, no more ways “out.” 

The story “Death of a Salesmen” mentions how most people live lives of quiet desperation.  This is the fight or flight response, desperately clinging out of fear.  This cuts at our souls, making us less than what we are capable of being. 

Instead fight against our nature, surrender to your hopes and dreams.  The fear will still be there.  The pain will still be there.  But it is the act of surrender that gives you purpose, a shield to protect your heart.  The path is not easy, nothing worthwhile ever is.  But the rewards, the rewards are beyond your wildest imaginings. 

Time for a pint…

5 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. I loved learning about the idea of "fight of flight" in school because it can be attributed to so many things we do in life- like you demonstrate here. I agree though that we ourselves and our thoughts are our biggest obstacles.

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