Places: WK Kellogg Forest

Part of the craft beer lifestyle revolves around time spent outside (ya, it isn’t all pubs and bars).  For some disc golf and craft beer go hand in hand.  I know around me there are a good number of shops that sell both craft beer and disc golf discs.  But if that were the only activity for craft beer, Michigan would still have enough to keep you busy year round. 

For my wife and I we tend to follow a bit more laid back approach to the great outdoors and craft beer. We like to explore different forest walks when we can get to em. One we use pretty much year round is at the WK Kellogg forest. This is a 716 acre experimental forest (currently owned by Michigan State University) just outside of Augusta Michigan.

 This bridge marks the start of the Lemmien Loop (roughly 2 to 2.5 miles).  The river flowing beneath it is Augusta Creek which feeds into the Kalamazoo River. 

Aside from the main trail, there are a number of off shoot trails criss crossing through the forest.  These trails are the forestry trails for maintaining the grounds with most being fairly easily accessible on foot. 

The trails are open year round.  When looking for outdoor adventures, hiking, jogging, and even horseback riding is possible on the trails here.  And of course for the really adventurous from October to January bow hunting is also available. 

 I had hoped to make it for fall leave pics but it seems like Fall has slipped past us quickly in preparation for winter.  Of course with the evergreens growing in the forest there is never a shortage of green. 

 When I was a kid the forest was a destination for school field trips to learn about nature and such.  Even now with MSU holding the reigns of the place it is still a place of learning. 

At the very least, the forest reminds us that Michigan is still pretty close to nature. 

Time for a pint… 

9 thoughts on “Places: WK Kellogg Forest

  1. Looks like a nice walk, Jon. Yes, fall hit us pretty fast in Manitoba, too! We're supposed to have snow by the end of the week.I haven't been to Michigan for quite awhile, but do hope to take a chocolate walk through Chicago soon. Cheers!

  2. I'm originally from Massachusetts now living in Tampa, Florida so these pictures made me miss that period between fall and winter up north. From what my friends and family tell me, the winds from Hurricane Sandy blew most of the foliage off of the trees so they are now bare. Makes it look a little chilly!

  3. Fall has always been my favorite season. It really seems that it slipped past us all this year. Now all we have to wait for is that first winter snow (you know the one, that snowfall before it gets icky).

  4. My confession for today; my wife is the one who does most of the videography (including photos) you see in my posts. At most, it is my meager skills that compile her great work into stories. Jo deserves all the credit for her photos.

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